Westwood Awards Assembly

On November 28 at 10am Westwood will be holding our yearly awards assembly, in recognition of student excellence.   In addition to the academic awards, Westwood is proud to introduce two new awards which recognize character, and the contributions students make towards the school community.

The Perserverance Award recognizes students with a strong work ethic, who demonstrate a determination to overcome obstacles.   Qualified students show a dedication to success, a sense of resiliency, and an optimistic attitude.

The Citizenship Award will be given to students who are highly regarded by staff and students alike.  These students play a leadership role both in the school and the community at large, and have demonstrated respect for diversity and the views of others.   Recipients of this award also have an excellent attitute toward education, school spirit and is an outstanding citizen of both the school and local community.

There will be one recipient selected for The Citizenship and The Perserverance awards from each grade.   Students may be nominated by teachers, staff and students until November 24.