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Build the Community

A sense of belonging can lead to emotional and physical safety, and a sense of connectedness. This need can shape development and contribute to learning and motivation. A sense of belonging to a community also helps all students feel safe at Westwood.

So what can we do to make Westwood a Strong Community?

  • Introduce yourself to the new student in your class, remember – you were there once
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Smile and look people in the eye
  • Go to the gym during tutorial and lunch time to play sports or join an intramural team
  • Say “Hi” to people in the hallways
  • Buy your lunch from Colours when they host a multicultural feast in the streets
  • Ask the ladies in the front office how their day is going
  • Include the student who is left out, it will make their day
  • Join a club
  • Suggest a field trip to your teacher and help organize it
  • Attend a Westwood Sports Event and cheer on your classmates or organize a Pep Rally
  • Go and see your peers in a Cheepiak Theatre Production
  • Attend Spirit Day and advocate for Spirit Day challenges all year long
  • Showcase your talent in the Westwood Talent Show
  • Organize a bunch of friends to attend a school dance – you are only in high school once and before you know it high school dances will be over.
  • Get to know your teachers, you may find out you have something in common (imagine…)
  • Pick up that piece of garbage in the hallway and have pride in our school environment
  • Organize a potluck in one of your classes and bond over food
  • Share pictures of a Westwood event you attended on our Twitter or Facebook page
  • Volunteer to help coach a sports team or start a club that you are interested in
  • Volunteer for an organization outside of Westwood and show how great our students are
  • Share your goodies from Foods class with friends, or people who could use a friend
  • Offer your help to a classmate who is struggling in a class that you enjoy
  • Plan appreciation days for students, parents, teachers, EAS etc. to show them you care