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Cyber Bullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is defined by the Government of Alberta as the use of technology to support deliberate, hostile and hurtful behaviour towards an individual or group of individuals.

What can you do to decrease instances of cyberbullying?

Educate Yourself on the “cyberworld”

  • James Dillon uses the analogy that you should not start driving without taking driver’s education classes, and the same is true with the rules of the cyber “road”.
  • Technical aspects are quickly learned, but judgement and responsibility make good drivers.
  • Check out Westwood’s technology policy for details on what is responsible use (link?)
  • As a parent – model, teach and practice. Drivers have to demonstrate their competence in order to gain the privilege of having a license, and using technology should be a privilege after a conversation about responsible use.

Guard your contact information

  • Do not share passwords, phone numbers or addresses online

Here are some ways to discourage Cyberbullying

  • Keep private matters private
  • Remember: the past is the past BUT history cannot be deleted online
  • Pause before you post – would you be alright with your grandparents reading this post?
  • Keep in mind that ANYTHING posted digitally can be viewed by ANYONE at ANYTIME

 If you are being harassed online

  • Tell an adult you trust
  • Do not isolate yourself on the computer, you are not alone!
  • Leave the area or stop the activity
  • Block the senders message if possible
  • Save the messages and report them to your Internet service provider
  • If the bullying involves threats, contact the police
  • Report cyberbullying online on Westwood’s Website

If you see someone else being harassed online

  • Take a stand
  • Let the target know that they are not alone
  • Share with the target tips of what to do if you are being bullied online