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Environmental Science

Westwood's Green Iniative is a club which had been nationally recognized for their leadership in environmental science inovation and project based learning.   The club has earned over $50, 000 of grant money to fund student lead projects, many of which earn students credits towards graduation.  Projects have included: adding solar panels to the Westwood roof, installing bottle fillers that are 100% powered through solar, 3D Printing wind turbines using waste plastic, installing a learning garden and geodesic dome green house at Westwood, creating a solar powered passive watering system for the garden, creating a winter heating system for the green house which uses 'waste heat' from our building, and creating community awareness of environmental issues through partnering with the RMWB to create a geocaching system in the Birchwood Trails.  Currently the club is working on building a living wall which will be fertilized through aquaculture.

Westwood is proud to offer further curriculum in the growing field of environmental science through offering AP Environmental Science - a course which allows students to learn about the science of our changing world, while having the opportunity to earn university credits.  For more information about Westwood Green Iniative or AP Environmental Science, contact Mr. Dulku