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Westwood Community High School

School Council Meeting

January 10, 2018



Attendees:    Cynthia Shelley        Lorna Spargo

        Tifanie Book            Claire Moison

        Brendan Toner        Shelley Fisher

        Benita Greenwood        Susan Fuhr

        Mindy Nevison        Scott Richardson

        Sheri Reid            Precious Chatukula

        Judy Ferre            Taher Ankleshwaria

        Kristy Sturge


1.      Call to order: 7:20pm


2.     Introductions, Agenda and Minutes

    Motion:     To accept the agenda of January 10, 2018 as presented and the minutes

            of November 2, 2017 as presented.

    Moved by Kristy Sturge and Judy Ferre.

    All in favour; carried.


3.    Hot Topic:

    a. School Re-configuration

-As questions come forward, they may be directed to Lorna Spargo, lspargo@shaw.ca, who will compile them and forward them to administration. Thoughts are ongoing regarding how to disseminate this information to parents, ex. An FYI page on the website?

    -A large unknown is the number of students who will be attending Westwood next

    year. Currently the boundaries are open (any student may attend any school, dependent

    on their academic choices).

    -Westwood administration will be visiting three elementary schools at the beginning of

    February to speak to the Grade 6 students, and registration can begin in March.

-It was suggested to invite Grade 6 parents to the May and June School Council Meetings.


4.    Standing Items:

    a. Student Council Update:    Taher Ankleshwaria

    -February events: Val-o-Grams (roses or carnations, and chocolates, to be delivered by

    Student Council volunteers); Match-o-Matics (submitted question forms are analyzed

    by Match-o-Matics and the “matching” results are returned).

    -There has been minimal interest in a school dance.

    -March 23: tentative date for Midnight Madness. Friday evening, 7pm-midnight.

    Food, activities, improv.

    -An Academic Integrity Policy is being developed, with staff assistance.

    -A Student Council Guidebook is being developed, to give future Councils information

    on Council activities. This was initiated by the fact that this year there is an entirely

    new Student Council Executive plus entirely new Staff Advisors.


    b. Annual Plan: okayed last meeting.

    -Update on ELL support: currently no role for School Council as ELL was only in the first

    semester. This can be revisited in the fall.


5.    Old Business:

    a. Plagiarism Policy Update:    Cynthia Shelley

    -A committee has been formed and a draft document developed.

    -Feedback from Student Council included the appreciation that consequences can be

    significant regarding post-secondary futures. For example, teachers may decline to

    write reference letters. Also, the reality that post-secondary institutions follow through

    on these misdemeanours and a student’s academic future may be negatively impacted.

    -There is a great need for this information. What is not acceptable needs to be known,

    particularly as sometimes the infraction is accidental.

    -Planning to implement the policy for next semester. To guide students and help them

    learn better to make better decisions.


6.    New Business:

    a. Orientation for upcoming school year ideas?

    -Suggestions: school tours including demos of labs, options, and the like. Possibly

    student led. It was noted that Holy Trinity School does an excellent job of this.


    b. ASCA AGM

    -April 20-22. Theme: Mental Health and Wellness. It will be held at the Edmonton


    -Conference fee is $385. Room rate is $150.  Transportation also needed.

    -A request will be made to the School Board to cover the conference fee for two

    parents. Lorna cannot carry the vote for Westwood as she is an ASCA Director.

    -There are six resolutions this year. The 2018 AGM Resolutions Preview made be

    found at:


Please review and submit feedback to Lorna lspargo@shaw.ca by late February.


7.    Reports:

    a. Principal:     Cynthia Shelley

    -Last day of first semester classes is January 18.

    -Exams are January 22-30.

    -Semester 2 begins Wednesday, January 31.

    -Reconfiguration discussions are ongoing.


    b. Networks

    -The meeting of January 9 was rescheduled to January 22, due to inclement weather.

    -Monday, February 5, 2018: Joint Networks Committee Meeting.

    -From Meeting of November 6:

        -District has asked for feedback regarding what they can be doing better

        or differently? Even what they are doing well? What can be some areas

        of emphasis? Please direct feedback to Lorna Spargo lspargo@shaw.ca

        and she will compile and submit.

        -District Wide Emergency Alert System: has been developed, prompted by

        a request from an elementary school parent after the evacuation.

        All schools were trained in November and the system is now in place.

        The new messaging system includes contact via SMS text, phone, email and

        social media (FaceBook and Twitter). The contact information will come

        from the parent portal so it is imperative that parents keep their Power School

        information updated and accurate.


    c. ASCA: nothing further at this time.


    d. Chair: Alberta Ed surveys will be arriving in the mail to parents of grade 10 students.

        These surveys, among other tools, are used to assess the education that

        students receive at Westwood. Please take the time to complete and return the

        surveys. Also, of note, “Don’t Know” counts as a negative against the school. If

        there is information that would assist you in answering the questions with

        “Agree” or “Disagree”, please speak with an Administrator to help you with the

        date you can use to formulate your response.


8.    Meeting dates: Thursdays

    a. February 1, 2018

    b. March 8, 2018

    c. April 12, 2018

    d. May 3, 2018

    e. June 7, 2018 AGM


9.     Adjourn: 8:48pm


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