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Westwood Community High School

School Council Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2019

Chair: Pam Bowie
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant                
Networks: Lorna Spargo 
Task Force Vacant.                      
Members @ Large:   Suzy Miller 
Principal: Cynthia Shelley
Vice Principals: Tifanie Book, Craig Upper
Attendees: Sheri Reid, Shelley Fisher, Judy Ferré, Shilpa Arvikan, Julianne Barque, Michael Ambali
Presenters: N/A
1. Convene:  7:00pm.
2. Agenda:
Motion #1
To approve agenda  and minutes from May 2, 2019
Moved by:  Shelley Fisher
Seconded by: Sheri Reid
Vote:  All in favour
Motion:  Carried
3. Elections
  • Vice Chair-Shelley Fisher
  • Task Force-Lorna Spargo
  • Member @ Large- Shilpa Arvikan
4. Reports:
  1. Chair
  2. Principal
    • Enrolment 660 students and we have new staff
    • Growth Plan emails from admin were sent to all parents and will continue on a monthly basis
    • Power School issues should be resolved by the end of next week
    • Academics tutorial is mandatory for the month of September 
    • Collaborative Response Model new model for Professional Learning Friday’s (PLF)
    • Athletics 
      • Golf-won city girls
      • Volleyball-games will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
      • Introducing home game passports- if you attend 7 of 9 games you will be entered into a draw for 2 AirPods 
      • Cross country- next Saturday
      • Arts- cast selected for Monty Python themed show. Performances will  be December 4-7.
  3. Networks
    • Next Joint meeting:
      • October 7, 2019 5:30-8:00pm @ District Office
  4. ASCA (Alberta School Councils Association) www.albertaschoolcouncils.ca          
7. Meeting dates
  • October 9, 2019
8. Adjourn 7:34 pm