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Parent Information

Parents are a vital part of our Westwood Community.  On this page you will find information about how to be involved as a parent of a High School student, how to access resources, and more. 

Parent Portal - PowerSchool

Parents at Westwood have access to student information online, via the Parent Portal on PowerSchool.  From the Portal parents can check attendance, contact the school and more.   

Click here to access our guide for using the Parent Portal.

2019/2020 Parent Council Executive

Chairperson                   Pam Bowie
Vice Chair                       Shelley Fisher
Networks Rep                Lorna Spargo
ASCA Task Force Rep    Lorna Spargo
Members at Large         Suzy Miller and Shilpa Arvikar


2019/2020 Parent Association Executive


President: Pam Bowie
Vice-President: Lorna Spargo
Treasurer: Shelley Fisher

Both the School Advisory Council and School Council meet at 7pm in the Westwood Library. 


Upcoming Meetings:

March 4, 2020
April 1, 2020
May 6, 2020


Supporting Documents

School Council January 2020 Minutes

Parent Association January 2020 Minutes

School Council November 2019 Minutes

Parent Association November 2019 Minutes

School Council​​​​​​​ October 2019 Minutes

Parent Association October 2019 Minutes

School Council​​​​​​​ September 2019 Minutes

Parent Association September 2019 Minutes

School Council Operating Procedures (2019)

Parent Association Bylaws (2019)

Annual Plan (2017-2018)

Annual Report (2017)

Annual Plan (2016-2017)