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All Alberta students deserve a welcoming, caring and respectful place to go to school, where bullying is not tolerated. If any student feels that they are being bullied at school. the need to responsibly report the occurrence to a member of Westwood staff.

How to Report:

  1. To a classroom teacher through a private discussion
  2. To member of our school counseling team by going to Student Services
  3. To an administrator, by going to the main office and requesting a meeting
  4. Through our school website Westwood Community form


Information and background on the situation will be gathered by administrators and counselors from the target, the student who allegedly committed the bullying behavior, and any bystanders involved. The investigation is done in a confidential manner and only pertinent information is shared with each party.


Westwood strives to promote autonomy, belonging and competency to foster positive leadership in all of our students. The consequences resulting from an incident of bullying will be individualized to the situation and incremental if the behavior continues.

The goal of the consequence is to directly address the bullying and communicate that it is unacceptable in our school culture of safety. The student who was the target is to be protected and feel safe. Feedback will be gathered from both the student who displayed bullying behavior and the target, on the appropriate consequences.

Possible Outcomes

  • Family Involvement
  • Community Service
  • Positive Interaction Training/Counseling
  • Suspension (in escalated situations)