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In addition to our offerings in coding, Westwood offers a wide array of courses that teach different digitial literacies.  Research tells us that more than 50% of the world's current jobs require workers to use technology, and that number is expected to drastically increase in the coming decades.   By giving students a solid foundation in digitial literacy, we are helping to give them the skills they will need for the jobs of the future.

Our offerings include:

Virtual and Agumented Reality

In this course, students won't just learn how to use VR and AR - they will learn setup, mantaince, and application.   Students will then expand their skills by learning how to program for VR and AR.  Applications for this technology include entertainment, medicine, engineering, and more!


Social Media Ethics

Most students know how to use the daily functions of social media, but do they understand it's ethical implications and the affect that it will have on their future in university and within the workforce?  Students at Westwood learn how to use the advanced functions of social media as a marketing tool to promote their skills within our changing economy, while limiting the possible negative impact of negative online behaviour.  Most companies now look at their employee's social media past before highering or promoting.  By learning how to use social media in a positive way, students create a secondary, real time resume.


Digital Design

In Digital Design students learn how to create digital content.  This includes learning how to build websites, use Google suite tools, creating for platforms like YouTube, podcasting, and creating basic apps.  This course gives students the basics of how to start creating online and building an online content base.  They will also learn how to identify and target their desired demographic, and how to build their personal brand.  


3D Printing

In 3D Printing, students will learn how to us computer assisted graphing programs to create, print, and fabricate 3D objects.  This project based course gives students the fundamentals of design, and then challenges them to use those skills to solve real world problems.