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Safe Community

Westwood’s Safe Community Policy

Who are the members of our community?

Students, staff, parents and the community at large (i.e. the YMCA)

What makes our school community safe?

When community members feel that Westwood is a welcoming, caring and respectful place to go to school.

When do community members feel unsafe?

When any community member feels harassed or bullied (verbally, socially, physically or through electronic means (cyberbullying)).

What is harassment?

Harassment is behavior that contributes to a hostile environment which interferes with a student’s ability to learn. It can be unintentional and not necessarily directed towards a certain person, but in a general derogatory way of acting or speaking. It can occur between two individuals with equal power.

What is Bullying?

Bullying occurs when a target is exposed repeatedly over-time to conscious, willful deliberate and hostile activity, where the aggressor(s) has the intent to harm and the target feels unable to defend themselves due to an imbalance of power.

What is NOT bullying?

 Bullying is not an isolated incident, a lapse in judgment or a conflict between friends.

What happens when there is an incident that threatens our safe community at Westwood?

 All incidents of harassment or bullying should be reported to a Westwood Staff member, following which appropriate consequences will be applied after an extensive gathering of information. The goal is always what is best for our students. Please refer to the linked documents below for more information.