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Westwood Community High School

School Advisory Council Meeting

January 10, 2018



Attendees:    Cynthia Shelley        Lorna Spargo

        Tifanie Book            Claire Moison

        Brendan Toner        Shelley Fisher

        Benita Greenwood         Susan Fuhr

        Mindy Nevison        Scott Richardson

        Sheri Reid            Precious Chatukula

        Judy Ferre            Taher Ankleshwaria

        Kristy Sturge


1.    Call to Order: 7:01pm

    Introductions, Agenda, Minutes

    Motion:    To accept the agenda of January 10, 2018 as presented and the minutes

            of November 2, 2017 as presented.

    Moved by Brendan Toner and Sheri Reid.

    All in favour; carried.


2.    Treasurer’s Report:    Shelley Fisher

    a. Financials

    General Account Balance as of January 2, 2018: $336.70

    Casino Account Balance as of December 22, 2017: $40,792.44

    Motion:    To accept the financial reports as presented.

    Moved by Lorna Spargo and Claire Moison.

    All in favour; carried.


    b. Insurance contract for next year

The current contract expires in the fall, and will need to be renegotiated.  It held our rate steady for three years.

Query: Will the school reconfiguration influence this? Answer: Likely not.


3.    Casino Report:        Sheri Reid

    a. Volunteers: all slots are filled except for one day shift on Friday: 11am-4:30pm.

    b. Cheques: Three signed cheques need to be taken in at the beginning of the first

    shift (Thursday), along with the AGLC Casino Licence and schedule of volunteers.

    Susan Fuhr will take these as she is on the first shift.


4.    Financial Requests    Cynthia Shelley


    -Basketball: Boys and Girls Teams each requesting $2000 for travel.

    -Woodworking Club: requesting $2000 to assist in purchasing a computer assisted

    3D carving machine.

    Motion:    To approve these three Financial Requests.

    Moved by Kristy Sturge and Susan Fuhr.

    All in favour; carried.



    -NorCan: Pending. A letter of support needs to be submitted.


5.    New Business

    a. Bylaw Review: defer to next meeting.

    b. Casino Allocation: AGLC rules are one school=one casino. Keep an open mind as to

    distribution of funds once the school is reconfigured to Grades 7-12. This may create a

    greater number of requests.

    c. Future Councils: It was suggested that Westwood maintain one School Advisory

    Council and one School Council once the reconfiguration is in place, due to present

    experiences with raising parent volunteers to fill roles.

    d. Cheque Signing Authority Update:

    Motion:    To remove Barb Clarke as signing authority for Parent Council effective

            January 10, 2018.

    Request issued by Barb Clarke. Moved by Kristy Sturge and Judy Ferre.

    All in favour; carried.


6.    Adjourn: 7:20pm


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