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Westwood Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2019

Board of Directors:
President: Pam Bowie
Vice-President: Lorna Spargo
Secretary: vacant
Treasurer: Shelley Fisher
Casino Coordinator: vacant
Director: vacant
Director: vacant
Director: vacant


Principal: Cynthia Shelley
Vice Principals: Tifanie Book, Craig Upper


Judy Ferré
Sheri Reid
Shilpa Arvikar
Julianne Bourque
Suzy Miller
Michael Ambali
  1.  Convene: 7:36 pm
  1. Approval of the Agenda and Minutes: of May 2, 2019
Motion 09/18/19/#1
To approve the agenda and the May 2, 2019 Minutes as presented
Moved and Seconded
Shelley Fisher and Pam Bowie
  1. Nominations for vacant positions:
Secretary vacant Casino Coordinator Shilpa Arvikar
Director Suzy Miller Director vacant
Director vacant
Motion 09/18/19/#2
To acclaim the nominated members to the Board of Directors
Moved and Seconded
Pam Bowie and Shelley Fisher
  1. Treasurer’s Report
Casino Account May 24, 2019 – August 26, 2019 46,012.38*
General Account June 3, 2019 – September 3, 2019   2,763.71
*We must spend $35,000.00 by May 2020 and 11,000.00 by November 2020
Motion 09/18/19/#3
To accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented
Moved and Seconded
Judy Ferré and Suzy Miller
  1. Wish List Requests
Motion 09/18/19/#4
To accept one request per year per group of up to $1500 for travel; bussing can be included this year
Moved and Seconded
Shilpa Arvikar and Julianne Bourque
  1. Meeting Dates
  1. Adjourn: 8:09 pm