Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews for Westwood Community High School will be on Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday October 18 from 6-9pm.

In order to accommodate meeting as many parents and families as possible, we have set up 5 minute sessions. If you would like to simply meet the teacher and have a brief discussion about the progress of your child, please book a 5 minute session. However, if you feel as though you need a little longer to speak with your child's teacher, please book two 5 minutes sessions back to back. If you think that you will need more than 10 minutes, please make arrangements to meet with your child's teacher at an alternate date and time. *** Remember to give yourself time between booking teachers.

To book go to the Westwood Website, and click on the "Parents" tab along the top and follow the instructions for booking Parent Teacher interviews.  Please note - the system will not allow parents who work in the district to book interviews with their @fmpsd email addresses.

Booking was available starting Tuesday, Oct 9th. Please note that if you are registering an account for the first time or updating your password the emails may be sent to your spam folder.  

When you are booking, please be sure to enter your student's first and last name rather than the parent name.