Jr High Midterm Schedule

Grade 7 & 8 Students will have a Midterm Exam Break Schedule from January 22nd to 30th. Parents/Guardians will receive a permission form in January with tutorial and location details.


Monday, January 21st will be the last day of regular Junior High Classes. Starting Tuesday, January 22nd students will have an optional tutorial study hall in each core morning class. It is mandatory if a student needs to catch-up on missing assignments. Parents will be contacted directly by the teacher for students who are required to attend.


There will be no tutorial study hall after 11:00 am. Lunch break is between 11:00 and 12:00 and mid-term exams will be held from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm in the portable classrooms. If students choose not to attend tutorial (with parent permission) they need to be at the school ready to begin writing their afternoon exams at 12:00 pm.


Students must stay a minimum of one hour for all exams, to a maximum of three hours. The exams are designed to be finished in 90 minutes. Students are dismissed when done.


There are no classes for grades 9-12 during our regularly scheduled Senior High Exam Break from January 21st to 30th. The exam schedule is on our school website and in the main office.


Important Dates for 7 & 8 Students:



Monday, January 21st:        Last Day of Options and Regularly Scheduled Classes


Tuesday, January 22nd:    Optional morning tutorial and English Exam at 12:00 pm


Wednesday, January 23rd:     Optional morning  tutorial and Social Studies Exam at 12:00 pm


Thursday, January 24th:    Optional morning tutorial and Science Exam at 12:00 pm


Friday, January 25th:        Optional morning tutorial and Math Exam at 12:00 pm


Monday, January 28th:     NO JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES


Tuesday, January 29th:    NO JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES


Wednesday, January 30th:     NO JUNIOR HIGH CLASSES

Thursday, January 31st:     First Day back to class with NEW OPTIONS