Westwood's 2018 Awards Assembly


Last week Westwood assembled to recognize academic, artistic and athletic excellence in our students for the 2017-2018 school year.  The following is a list of our awards recipients.  The full album of pictures from the event can be found here.  There are also views of the assembly available on our YouTube Channel.

Congratulations to all of our students on continuing your persuit of excellence.

The Perseverance Awards will be presented to one student in each grade level, of this our current school year who demonstrates:

  • A strong work ethic
  • Determination in overcoming obstacles
  • Dedication to success
  • Resiliency
  • Optimistic attitude


Our 2018 Perseverance Award Recipients are:

Grade 7: Owen Paluch & Hadley Williams
Grade 8: Rhyz Jalon
Grade 9: Hafsah Mohummed
Grade 10: Jonas James
Grade 11: Isabella O-Sullivan & Horizon Chief
Grade 12: Jade Tulk


The Citizenship Awards will be presented to one student in each grade level, of this our current school year who demonstrates:

  • Respect for diversity and the view of others
  • Is highly regarded by staff and students
  • Assumes a leadership role in school activities and in the community
  • An excellent attitude to education and school life
  • Community spirit and is an outstanding citizen of the school


Our 2018 Citizenship Award Recipients are:

Grade 7: Brianna House & Ryan Perera
Grade 8: Mina Alsoufi & Kasvi Mavani
Grade 9: Riya Mehta
Grade 10: Ella McDonald & Morgan Bowie
Grade 11: Nifemi Adebayo
Grade 12: Layal Abbas & Christian Cao

The Wood Buffalo Spirit Award is a prize given out by the YMM International Film Festival. This year our own Calder Fadden was celebrated for winning the Wood Buffalo Spirit Award (on behalf of the Green Initiative) at the Fort McMurray International Film Festival. He produced a a short documentary on the Green Initiative, which highlighted the groups many successes and can be viewed on our Westwood YoutTube channel. Our award winning Green Inititaive, led by Mr. Dulku,  also received the title of the Second Greenest School in Canada from the Canada Green Building Council. Calder also was selected this year to participate in The Alberta Emerging Musicians Festival as part of The Alberta Wind Symphony.


WISEST - Stands for Women in Scholarship Engineering, Science & Technology, with the intention to provide a scholarship to women who are interested and excel in these fields. It is a six week paid internship in research at the University of Alberta. Please join us in congratulating Golie Masoumian for participating in her internship in the engineering lab at the University of Alberta. She cpntributed to a project on electical disturbances.


SHAD  - SHAD is an award-winning enrichment and entrepreneurship program and network that empowers exceptional high school students, at a pivotal point in their education, to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers.

This summer, Hannah Forward attended the University of Saskatchewan to for a month long program on STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education.


The Multiculutral Association of Wood Buffalo World Human Rights Day Confernece - The United Nations' Human Rights Day is observed on the 10th of  December every year; a day to honour the UN's adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Multicultural Association hosts an annual conference to educate members of the public on Human Rights in the context of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Mariam Arain represented the Youth in Wood Buffalo as the selected Youth Speaker at this event and she shared her experiences at Westwood through our volunteerism classes.


Minister’s Youth Council in Sept. of 2018 - In September Jeremy Christopherson and Krish Shah represented FMPSD and Westwood at the Minister’s Youth Council. Jeremy and Krish were involved in giving direct input to Honourable David Eggen, the Minister of Education on issues that directly impact students in such areas as discrimination and racism and breaking the stigma around Mental health.


The Alberta School Board Association of Alberta offers support and builds the capacity of school boards and individual trustees, ranging from advice and training to leadership, development, governance and advocacy. Collectively, ASBA administers a balanced viewpoint to government and other stakeholders, and speaks on behalf of all its school boards. This year their annual conference was attended by  Devshri Lala, where she was honoured by being asked to sit on a panel for discussion of issues and represented students from across the city on the provincial platform.


Suncor Arts Award -  We have some very talented Artists at Westwood who placed in the top 5 for their artwork at the Public School Exhibition at the Suncor Business Center. They were honored in a public ceremony last year and their work was on display at McDonald Island park. We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate them for  their artistic achievement.

1st Place  Farah Sadek
2nd Place  Heta Patel
3rd Place  Abigail Everson
4th Place  Hyeqa Ahmed
5th Place  Arianne Darveau
5th Place  Jasmine Bunch

Westwood students are also very talented in Drama, and participate annually in the Regional One Act Festival where youth compete against other schools from around Alberta in a variety of categories, including best actor, play and director.

Skylar Dupont won for Best actor at the 2018 Regional High School One Act Festival in the play Haiku. She also won for, Actor in a Role at the Provincial Festival.

Brooklynn Zaharchuk was also part of the Regional award winning best play, Haiku- directed by Arpita Islam & stage managed by Arianne Darveau who graduated students in 2018. Gracie Hilton, another of our graduated students also participated in this production.


SUNIA is the North America's longest running Model United Nations, which is a one week summer seminar program. For 65 years they have provided students across the world with the opportunity to meet UN delegates, learn and talk about world issues, engage in simulations covering a variety of social issues, with a focus on how the Security Council is organized. Students are given a country to represent, and an international issue to debate and discuss.  This year we had two Westwood student represent at this seminar, and who were given the opportunity to interact with diplomats from the UN and listen to their stories and experiences.

Please join us in congratulating Goalie Masoumian and Meerali Taylor for their participation in the Sunia Program.


Work Experience Standard of Excellence Award is given to students  who received 30 work experience credits last year. Although we have many students reach this level, many of them graduated last year. We would like to recognize the 6 students who earned 30 work experience credits by the end of grade 11. Please come down to receive your Award. 

Layal Abbas
Mehak Ahmad
Samantha Deitz
James Mackay
Zahra Raza
Justina Schultz

In order for students to qualify for the Honour Roll, students needed to have an average of 79.5% -89.4% in five subjects. These subjects must have included ELA or FLA or Francais, two core subjects and 2 option classes in the appropriate grade level. Students needed to take a full course load, earning a minimum of 40 credits in the school year.


In order for students to qualify for the Honours with Distinction Award, students needed to have an average of 89.5% -100% in five subjects. These subjects must have included ELA or FLA or Francais, two core subjects and 2 option classes in the appropriate grade level. Students needed to take a full course load, earning a minimum of 40 credits in the school year.

Last Year's Grade 10 Honours with Distinction

Mohamed Abdo
Oluwanifemi Adebayo
Taimoor Ahmad
Hamza Ahmed
Anjola Aina
Ikemba Akamdu
Rakshanda Alam
Nezla Annaisha
Ameera Awad
Aditya Ayri
Fizzah Azam
Alexa Babin
Megan Baikie
Olivia Barker
Dawson Boudreau
Keegan Boyd
MacKenzie Bruce
Scott Bruce
Jasmine Bunch
Trevor Casila
Amanda Chatukuta
Ali Chaudhry
Horizon Chief
Kiesha Cree-Angel
Darren Decker
Sophia Dupont-Walbridge
Mia El-Jamal
Abigail Everson
Zoe Faber
Calder Fadden
Anna Farrington
Sachita Gamage
Malak Ghadban
Mariam Ghadban
Danielle Gouthro
Deklin Grant
Mackenzie Guy
Haley Hancock
Ivy Hilton
Will Horsley
Ryan Humphries
Syeda Hussain
Syed Jafris
Kaitlin Jani
Shane Jordan
Areeba Khan
Arooba Khan
Palaash Kolhe
Melisa Kurt
Catherine Lefrancois
Levi Legaree
Soham Limbachia
Cale Maher
Fardin Mahid
Faith Mahoney
Nicholas Maodus
Ruwarashe Maraire
Preston McIlvenna
Maya Mohammad
Amrita Mosale
Maham Nadeem
Asfa Nazir
Zachery Nelson
Kristen North
Kush Padalia
Neil Panopio
Savannah Parson
Logan Parsons
Devanshi Patel
Heta Patel
Mira Patel
Rucha Patel
Vansh Patel
Aidan Patzer
Victoria Penney
Aniela Pontello
Spencer Pye
Khadra Rage
Autumn Rehbein
Giovanna Rizzuto
Sara Roberts
Holly Rusnell
Neamul Sahil 
Yuko Sakamoto
Sagar Sharma
Neave Spargo
Marne Steyn
Hailey Sturge
Tahir, Aiziz
Takyra Therrien
Kylie Thomas
Ashlee Thompson
David Thunaes
Vrushita Trivedi
Nina van Genderen
Varghese, Riyan
Krithika Vendataramadas
Rayla Walters
Declan Webb
Devon Wilcolx
Brooklyn Zaharchuk
Sharar Zaman

Last Year's Grade 10 - Top 5

Scott Bruce  94.8
Heta Patel  95.2
Palaash Kolhe  95.6
Declan Webb  95.8
Soham Limbachia  97.4


Last Year's Grade 11 Honours with Distinction

Raja Abdo
Linda Aghanya
Hyeqa Ahmad
Katelyn Atyeo
Fahad Babar
Kali Barr
Austin Batog
Yash Bhatt
Zackary Bird
Ruba Buni
Grayce Bush
Christian Cao
Cynthia Chen
Thirusutharsan Chenrayan
Hailey Chisholm
Kiona Choismith
Jeremy Christopherson
Raistlin Clark
Suzie Clement
Samantha Deitz
Skylar Dupont-Walbridge
Lauren Eckle
Abbas Eidelkhani
Osman Elmobarik
Nicolas Emblau
Thereza Eric
Gage Evtushevski
Hannah Forward
Mercy Friesen
Kaylun Gomez
Travis Gregory
Carlee Haine
Mason Harris
Kendra Helle
Kawith Hennadige
Arianny Hernandez Anaya
Hope Higgins
Andrew Hursey
Haseeb Javed
Anupam Jay
Mayson Kendall
Nicholas Keys
Ali Khan
Devshri Lala
Gabriel Lafrancois
Judah Legaree
Devang Limbachia
Matthew Lloyd
Katie Lovbakke
Abigail Loveridge
James MacKay
Brooklynn MacLeod
Abdullah Masood
Golzain Masoumian
Makenna Matheson
Kaiden McDonald
Depika Purayidath
Elizabeth Muxlow
Rahul Nagulapally
Abi Nanthananthan
Paige Neibrandt
John Odeleye
Okoh, Naomi
Ologunde, Bade
Evan Omeje
Tenielle Park
Aksh Patel
Dakshkumar Patel
Dilip Patel
Ishan Patel
Ishani Patel 
Kushal Patel
Prapti Patel
Urvi Patel
Vrunda Patel
Maliha Prova
Muhammad Rabeet
Zahra Raza
Britney Reid
Cole Reid
Samantha Reid
Farah Sadek
Muhammad Sarim
Justina Schulz
Shafaq Shaukat
Zoravar Sidhu
Meerali Tailor
Abhinav Tirumala
Jade Tulk
Jonathan van der Berg
Taniel Van Niekerk
Ved Varshney
Chathuvi Vinithan
Rogan Wayne
Declan Weavers
Shaela Welte
Katherine Wilson
Brennel Young
Aleksandra Zherdeva
Emma Sundel


Last Year's Grade 11 - Top 5 

Christian Cao 95.0%
Hyeqa Ahmad  95.2%
Anupam Jay  95.8%
Dakshkumar Patel  96.8%
Jeremy Christopherson  97.6%