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News Release: Westwood Students to Represent Team Wood Buffalo at Canada Wide Science Fair

News Release: Westwood Students to Represent Team Wood Buffalo at Canada Wide Science Fair

L-R: Aditya, Sujit, Caprinder, and Francois are headed to the Canada-Wide Science FairL-R: Aditya, Sujit, Caprinder, and Francois are headed to the Canada-Wide Science Fair

(Fort McMurray, AB - April 8, 2019) Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) congratulates Aditya Ayri, Sujit Velmurugan, Caprinder Nanrey and Francois Marais - our Westwood Community High School students who will represent Team Wood Buffalo at the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). The announcement was made during the 12th annual Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair (WBRSF) on April 6, 2019 - at Shell Place. The event saw 132 projects by 166 students from across the city. FMPSD won 27 out of 33 medals, and 23 out of 27 special awards.

Our finalists will attend the CWSF in Fredericton, NB from May 15 to 17, 2019.

Aditya, who is in grade 11 is heading to the CWSF for the second time. He won for his project: WICCLET : A Novel stand against Autoimmune Disorders.

“WICCLET stands for Wireless Interconnected Cancer Chemotherapeutic Lymphocyte Efficiency Transfer. I have innovated a device usable for individuals diagnosed with autoimmune disorders. I have combined fields of study such as Light Spectrometry, and Pulse Oximetry to create a device that can detect White Blood Cell counts, portably, without the withdrawal of blood. This can provide exceptional advancement in Cancer research and an overall improvement in success rates affiliated with autoimmune disorders.”

“I am honoured and excited to head to the CWSF, and hope to do FMPSD and Westwood proud,” noted Aditya, 16.

Sujit, 15, who is in grade 10 said he was “honoured to head to the CWSF.” He won for Farming of the Future: Arduino Based Automation for The Use of Growing Aeroponics and Aquaponics.

“I have created the most efficient and revolutionary new approach to farming by combining Aquaponics and Aeroponics. With the combined synergy of both, I created the most efficient way for commercial indoor farming, which is more water and electricity conservative and cost-effective in comparison with other farming methods. By incorporating Arduino based automation, the method effectively adds new functionality such as light calibration and soil moisture calibration according to the needs of specific plants,” explained Sujit.

Caprinder, 16 and Francois, 15, are in grade 10. Their winning project Decrypting Cyber Security, was for the “public good.”

“We have created a security upgrade. This is about fixing the flaws in existing antivirus programs, and fixing cyber security. We want to push the service even beyond the national science fair, and continue working on it. We want it to be fully realized,” explained both students.

Vicki Dawe, WBRSF board president, and Westwood Community High School science teacher, noted the WBRSF was “another huge success this year.”

“After discussing the projects with our region's students, you can safely say that curiosity, ingenuity, and innovative thinking is rich amongst our youth. Congratulations to Westwood on having all four Canada-Wide Science Fair finalists. It is important to note, though, that this is also due to the support of school staff throughout our team's younger years. It takes a team to build a team.”

Doug Nicholls, Superintendent, FMPSD, congratulated all the supporters, participants, and the finalists.

“Thank you to all involved in making science fairs happen in the schools and in the region. Every year the enthusiasm for the WBRSF grows in our community. It is a pleasure to attend, and see the innovation that has become a hallmark of FMPSD students. Congratulations to Aditya, Sujit, Francois and Caprinder. They have made FMPSD and Westwood proud. Best of luck at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.”

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