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Westwood Lunch Guidelines

Westwood Lunch Guidelines

Westwood Classroom Lunch Guidelines 2021

Senior High Lunch 11:27 - 12:02 * Junior High Lunch 11:28 - 12:10



Welcome to lunch break! 


In order to keep the school open for in-person learning, please ensure the following COVID guidelines are followed during the lunch break period. We look forward to the end of restrictions, when we can safely come together as an entire school outside of the classroom.


  • All students remaining in the building for lunch will eat in their homeroom (Junior High) or block two classrooms (Senior High)
  • Students are not to leave the room during the lunch period, unless they are going to the washroom, filling their water bottle, or going outside as per their grade directions
  • Students are not permitted to visit other cohorts during the lunch period, inside of the school
  • Students must remain in their desks, following the assigned seating plan, when eating lunch in the classroom
  • If students are finished eating, they may put their masks on and converse with peers
  • Supervisors can use their judgement regarding movement in the classroom with a cohort, as long as social distancing and mask wearing protocols are followed 
  • Students in grades 7 & 8 have a CLOSED campus and cannot leave school property for lunch
  • There is an optional outdoor break for grade eight students from 11:30-11:45 and for grade seven students from 11:50 - 12:05
  • Students in grades 9-12 have an open campus and can leave at lunch
  • These guidelines are in addition to mandatory COVID restrictions that must be followed in the school, including Social Distancing, Hand Sanitization, Masking, and Directional Pathways. Please see the Westwood Re-Entry Plan for a more detailed breakdown of the general guidelines.



By the end of morning classes, we know it can be difficult to remain seated during lunch; therefore, while under COVID restrictions, we encourage all students to spend time outdoors. 



Failure to follow the COVID restrictions will result in individual lunchtimes in the office and conversations with administration.