Changing or Dropping a Course

Changing or Dropping a Course


Once students select courses, they are expected to remain in and complete those courses. Changes to programs may occur if students have failed a prerequisite course, changed their career choice, or successfully completed a course in an alternate way (i.e. summer school). Please see your counsellor if you wish to consider registration for a course above grade level.

A change may occur only if adequate consultation has occurred amongst the student, teacher, counsellor, parent and administrator. Priority will be given to students who require necessary academic course adjustment (i.e.-Science 14 instead of Science 10). A student may request a change if:

1. Moving classes will not overload the size of the new class.

2. Moving classes will not adversely interfere with the rest of the student’s timetable

3. The student maintains enough courses to be considered a full-time student

4. Changing courses will not displace another student


The deadline for changing courses and schedules for Semester 1 is February 19th, 2021.



Course withdrawals can best be avoided through careful, intentional course selection with your counsellor. Students should not assume that they can abandon or drop a course simply because “it isn’t what they thought it would be” or because they are not earning a desired mark. Students are encouraged to seek out academic support and can meet with a counsellor for more information.

After February 19th, 2021, one of the following conditions must be in place for a course to be withdrawn:

  • Teacher initiated course withdrawal as a result of misplacement

  • Counselor initiated course withdrawal

  • Medical circumstances that require an alteration to scheduling

Students will only be permitted to drop a course after the withdrawal deadline after a discussion with a counsellor, parent and teacher approval, and a meeting with an administrator. Students must complete a ‘Course Change Request Form’ that must be signed by a parent/guardian, teacher, and counsellor. Approval may or may not be granted, based on the individual circumstances.

Please note: The final deadline for any course withdrawal for semester one is April 30th, 2021.

Students who wish to drop a course in order to pursue it in an alternative way must still maintain a full program at Westwood High School.



It is an expectation at Westwood High School that if a student fails a particular course that he/she will retake that course during the next school year, through summer school, correspondence, or online learning. If a student fails a course more than once, alternative delivery of the course will need to be considered (ie- different level or alternative method of learning)