Grades, Promotions, Diploma Exams


Report cards with grades given in percentages are issued at the end of each semester. Students and parents should contact teachers directly regarding marks and progress to date. The minimum mark for receiving credits is 50% although 65% is the recommended mark to continue in the academic stream. Students must receive 50% in order to take the next course in that subject sequence. Credits may be obtained for any course only once. Students who receive credits for a course and repeat the course elsewhere (i.e. summer school) in order to improve their grades do not receive credits a second time. Requests for transcripts (Unofficial) should be made directly to Student Services. Official transcripts are available from Alberta Education through myPASS.

Provincial diploma exams have been developed for the following Grade 12 courses: English 30-1, English 30-2, Social Studies 30-1, Social Studies 30-2, Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Science 30, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, and Physics 30. Diploma exams are worth 30% of the course mark.

Advanced Placement Exams are written in the grade 12 level AP course in May. They are written in addition to the diploma exam of that corresponding course.




School staff will register students enrolled in diploma exams courses for the first time.

Students who are retaking courses will not be automatically registered. Students may register themselves for diploma exams online using myPass or by paper using the Diploma Examination Registration/Rewrite Fee Payment Form. Students must contact the intended writing centre to request permission to write before self-registering. Students are expected to register at least two months prior to the preferred diploma writing (Diploma sittings are in November, January, April, and June). Specific deadlines for diploma registrations are made available on the Alberta Education website in the Fall and through myPass.

If students are rewriting a diploma exam that they wrote in the current or two previous school years, they are required to pay a rewrite fee of $26.25 (including GST) per exam to Alberta Education through myPass.




  1. Students should include a variety of exploratory complementary courses in their Program of Study for grades 10 through 12.

  2. Post-secondary entrance requirements should be considered beginning in grade 10. If an admission standing of 80% is required, students should strive for at least an 80% average in grade 10 and 11, not just in grade 12. Courses tend to become more difficult in senior grades.

  3. Course withdrawals are discouraged, so students should plan their program carefully. Students have a minimum amount of time at the start of a semester to make any necessary changes to their course load.

  4. Course level changes may be made by Westwood High School if your marks differ between time of registration and the beginning of the semester.